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As devoted pet parents to some pretty cool fur-kids ourselves, we know all too well just how much of our time can be spent trying to find the right products, services and advice to meet our pets’ needs. That’s time that could be better spent doing the things that we love to do together – from cuddles on the couch to running in the rain.
That’s why we created Love That Pet, an Australian Vet Care and Pet Care Company dedicated to providing pet owners and their furry family members with Amazing vet Care solutions, Astounding Value pet supplies and Awesome Service.

What We Do

We improve and extend the life of every pet we touch…

We provide pet owners with a complete lifestyle solution designed to meet all their Vet Care and Pet Care needs. Whether they visit our online pet supply store, drop by one of our Wellbeing Campuses or speak to our Crew over the phone, our Members will receive Awesome Service they can trust.
Our Wellbeing Campuses provide a comprehensive range of services to keep pets healthy and happy. And we only stock products that we genuinely believe are ‘best in class’. We are also investing in some pretty amazing pet Tech Care projects, from apps and online tools to innovative products and services.

Our Community

Our veterinary, retail and online services focus on developing a deep connection with our Community of pet lovers: providing holistic wellbeing advice for each pet’s health and well-being, as well as treating their immediate needs for care or products. Using cloud-based technology, data warehousing, intelligent
information systems and apps, we create a 720° view of each customer and their pet(s). This information is used to deliver a tailored and consistent customer experience for each customer regardless of whether they are in-store, online or on the phone or a video chat.

Our Journey

A journey of a thousand miles…
starts with just one step


To make lasting impactful change, entrepreneurs need more than innovative technology alone to unlock true value – you need a great team, with experience and expertise, you need business “nous”, you need perseverance and yes, you need some luck…

then add in leading edge technologies, business best practices and a 100% focus on the customer…and you get Love That Pet…fundamentally reimagining the pet care experience…

36/1 Macquarie Pl Sydney NSW 2000 Australia T: 1300 568 738

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