About Us

Where Vet Care meets Pet Care meets Tech Care

We provide pet lovers and their pets with Amazing Care, Astounding Value and Awesome Service each and every day.

As devoted pet parents to some pretty cool fur-kids ourselves, we know all too well just how much of our time can be spent trying to find the right products, services and advice to meet our pets’ needs. That’s time that could be better spent doing the things that we love to do together – from cuddles on the couch to running in the rain (ask any Chocolate Labrador).


Amazing Care starts with advice you can trust. That’s why we are dedicated to bringing pet owners reliable, engaging pet care advice from our Veterinarians, Vet Nurses and Pet Care Experts. When it comes to pet care, we want to ensure that the right answers for you and your pet are only ever a chat, tap or click away.

We’re also investing in some pretty amazing pet care Technology projects, from apps and online tools to innovative pet products and services. Each project is designed to help provide pets with genuinely Amazing Care and we’re looking forward to sharing these projects with you.


We believe Astounding Value starts with helping pet owners find the right vet services and pet products for your pet and helping you get the most out of them. For instance, at Love That Pet you won’t find thousands upon thousands of pet care products. Instead we aim to carry only those products that we genuinely believe are ‘best in class’ in each product category. These products are supported by Vet and Pet Care reviews and ‘how to’ guides to ensure pet owners and their pets get the most out of their purchases.

We also think Astounding Value means having access to the best value prices every day; we promise to deliver everyday value that is consistently as good as any other major vet and pet care company.


And Awesome Service starts and ends with a smile. That’s why we are committed to bringing pet owners the very best service standards. Whether you are being welcomed by one of our Experience Crew at one of our Love That Pet Campuses, calling to follow up on an online order or chatting with us on screen via our App, we are committed to being Awesome at every touch point.

What do we do…

At Love That Pet, we deliver our Amazing Care Astounding Value Awesome Service™ promise across our complete range of Vet Care, Pet Care and Tech Care services and products. Whether you are buying food from us online for your dog, having a dental treatment at one of our Campuses for your cat or experiencing the rich information about your pet via the Love That Pet App, our aim is to improve and extend the lives of every pet we touch.

How are we different…

No other pet care company can match our unique combination of Vet Care, Pet Care and Tech Care. No other pet care company can match our Amazing Care Astounding Value Awesome Service™ promise. And no other pet care company is so intellectually distinguished and radically distinct, seeking to reimagine and reinvent Vet and Pet care.

Why we exist…

To transform the vet and pet care world, introducing a new paradigm of products and services that focus on a Preventive Wellbeing Strategy whilst ensuring that we deliver the highest quality products and leading edge clinical diagnosis, treatment and recovery plans.

What we want to solve…

At our core, we seek to improve and extend the lives of every pet we touch…and who wouldn’t want that for their furry family members.