Graduate Job Opportunities

  • Amazing Care. Astounding Value. Awesome Service.
  • Join us to engage in and pursue veterinary excellence
  • Focus on wellness whilst developing your clinical skills

You have excellent clinical skills, a can-do attitude, enjoy working as part of a high quality team, and yes, you love pets; this is the role you have been waiting for.

Love That Pet is a rapidly growing Vet and Pet Care Company dedicated to providing families and their furry family members with Amazing Vet Care solutions, Astounding Value pet supplies and truly Awesome Service across our expanding network of Love That Pet Hospital & Wellbeing Campuses throughout Australia; you can discover more at and www.lovethatpet.comwhere we welcome over 400,000 visitors a month online, to experience our current and future services.

At our Love That Pet Hospital & Wellbeing Campuses our focus is not only on clinical excellence, but also on educating our pet owners and their pets on how to enhance and extend the lives of their furry family members…that’s why we call our locations Campuses; learning and training are key to delivering our promise of Amazing Vet Care.

At Love That Pet we challenge the status quo at every opportunity, disrupting traditional mind sets and philosophies in our search for Pet Care excellence; our goal is as much to educate our customers in preventative wellness techniques as it is to provide excellence in clinical, surgical and post-operative care and rehabilitation for the pets placed in our care.

As our structure is significantly different to traditional veterinary practice management and thinking, we’re not 100% sure where you will be in the Love That Pet family in a year or two; what we do know is that you will be well on the way to achieving the aims, goals and even the dreams that you aspired towards when you commenced your studies all those years ago.

Not Graduates…we call you New Vets!

As a recent graduate you will be commencing Year One of our “New Vet” Clinical and Leadership Accelerator Program. You have a demonstrable track record of academic excellence, as well as practical excellence combined with a unique accumulation of compassion and life skills in tandem with a clear understanding of the commercial realities required to run a successful and profitable company.

In this rapidly evolving role you will certainly have the opportunity to undertake complex clinical tasks under the mentorship of our current Clinical Crew leadership; but you must also understand the necessity early on for personally handling some of the more practical, tactical tasks in a growing company that simply does not accept an “it’s always been done that way” mind set. We want you to help us push the boundaries and break out into new, uncharted territories.

Your responsibilities will therefore be diverse across the complete range of Clinical Crew services from triage to vaccinations to surgical assists. Your skills and experience will be equally diverse as you carry out a variety of first opinion practice procedures under the guidance of your mentor which may include…

  • Consults with clients and patients advising on prevention as well as healing
  • Diagnostic laboratory work
  • Operation set up and anaesthesia
  • Basic surgical procedures
  • Dentistry

…all conducted with the support of our carefully defined and well-documented patient consultation plans.

We will also guide you in developing your practice management skills such as effective time management and task prioritisation whilst ensuring that you develop an empathetic approach to customers and patient needs during the ten to twenty consulting sessions you will eventually handle each day.

At the end of Year One, if you have been successful, we will be looking to continue your training by advancing you into Year Two of our unique Vet Clinical and Leadership Accelerator Program.
So, join the Team here at Love That Pet where we work closely with you to grow your skills, develop your expertise and ensure work-life balance into your career.

We know you are ready to make your next career move, that’s why you have read all the way down to here…you’ve just been waiting for this opportunity to arise…simply email and tell us why you belong on the Love That Pet Team.

For more information, download the Graduate Accelerator Prospectus