Our Community

150801-LTP-CirclesOur veterinary, retail and online services focus on developing a deep connection with our Community of pet lovers: providing holistic wellness advice for each pet’s health and well-being, as well as treating their immediate needs for care or products.

Using cloud-based technology, data warehousing, intelligent information systems and apps, we create a 720° view of each customer and their pet(s).

Why a 720° view? Delivering the optimum wellness plan for each pet requires a 360° view of their history, lifestyle, life stage, experience and similar pets within our pet population. Implementing that plan, however, requires a 360° view of the customer, one that allows us to predict what approach, what message and what interactions are likely to lead to conversion and compliance.

This information is used to deliver a tailored and consistent customer experience for each customer regardless of whether they are in-store, online or on the phone or a video chat.