Sell Your Vet Practice

Our mission:

To improve and extend the life of every pet we touch…

Here at Love That Pet we provide pet lovers and their pets with a complete lifestyle solution designed to meet all their pet care needs…our focus is on providing a pathway to wellbeing.

We have completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our journey. Our online presence receives 200,000 sessions per month and we now dominate our ecommerce product segments online. We have completed or first two practice acquisitions and four more will be settled by the end of the year and one or two more in 2016. We are now moving towards our longer term goal of bringing together clinical vet care, retail pet care and online services into a seamless customer experience that provides pet lovers with a complete lifestyle solution for all their pet care needs…we call these our Love That Pet Wellbeing Campuses.

Each Love That Pet Wellbeing Campus offers veterinary, retail and online services with a focus on developing a deep connection with customers and providing holistic and preventive wellbeing advice for each pet’s health and well-being as well as treating their immediate needs for vet care or pet care products.

Our Campuses also leverage cloud-based technology, data warehousing, intelligent information systems and apps to create a 720° view of each customer and their pets. This information will be used to deliver a tailored and consistent customer experience for each customer regardless of whether they are in-store, online or on the phone or in a video chat.

But more important than the technology, business practices or the marketing nous that we bring to the table is our genuine understanding of the essence of what makes the pet care industry, and vet practices in particular, so special…the empathy, enthusiasm and compassion that attracts such special people as you and your team to help our furry, feathery and leathery family members when in need.

So, yes, we’d like to buy your practice but…

At Love That Pet, we’re not trying to “corporatise” the pet care industry…in fact nothing could be further from our goal…unlike others who may be looking for a quick buck, we understand that building a great business for the long term in the pet care industry is about…


…so you already know that we “get it”.

We clearly understand the trust that has been earned by the industry, and in particular the trust that your clients and your staff have placed in you as the owner of your practice…and we respect that deeply.

So, we’d like to chat with you and develop a rapport, gain your trust and build your confidence in our approach so that you can be sure that we want to do the right thing by you, your team and your clients once we acquire your practice.

If you find our approach genuinely refreshing and would like to have a preliminary chat please reach out to our Managing Director, Anthony Smith ( or our Chairman, Keith Paulin ( to arrange a time for a confidential discussion….you will be pleasantly surprised once you learn more about our philosophy.